• Lumberjack Outfit

    The Lumberjack outfit is an experience-boosting clothing set that grants additional experience when worn while Woodcutting.
    Equipping any piece of the outfit requires a Woodcutting level of 44.
    Each piece equipped increases Woodcutting experience by 0.2-0.8% (depends on piece); wearing the complete set grants an additional set bonus of 0.5%, resulting in a total of 2.5% for the entire set.
    This does stack with the bonus 10% experience when cutting maples from the Kandarin Diary medium reward.

    The entire lumberjack outfit can be stored in the armour case of the costume room of a player-owned house.

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    Lumberjack Outfit

    • Product Code:OldSchool RuneScape Skilling Outfit
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