• Animal Magnetism

Draynor Manor has a new resident and, adventurers rejoice, she is a damsel in distress.
Far from being Sleeping Beauty, she finds the Manor's beds not to her liking and is suffering from insomniac nights.
If you fancy yourself able to aid Ava in her search for a good night's sleep, who knows what the budding scientist will produce as a reward?


Items Required:

  • Mithril axe (required to obtain the blessed axe, no other type of axe will do)
  • 5 iron bars
  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • 20 Ecto-tokens (Bring 4 bones, 4 empty buckets, and 4 empty pots if you want to get the tokens during the quest.)
  • Hammer
  • Holy symbol
  • Polished buttons
  • Hard leather


  • 1 Quest point
  • 1,000 Crafting, Fletching, and Slayer experience
  • 2,500 Woodcutting experience
  • Ava's device: Ava's attractor if Ranged level is less than 50 or Ava's accumulator if your Ranged is 50 or higher.

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Animal Magnetism

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